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Welcome to EMRx

We at EMRx believe that the journey of doctors getting to paperless offices should be painless as well !

EMRx has expertise in software development, process workflows, systems integration, user training & software support & maintenance.

Let us do the job of implementing the EMR system for your offices while you do your job of treating patients ! Count on us for providing a robust end to end implementation of EMR for your practice within a realistic timeline.

Your EMR Journey ..

The way we see it !!

Dating. . . .

Get Serious. . . .

Tie the Bond. . . .

Live Happily Ever After. . . .

Dating Phase

EMRx will conduct initial deep dive sessions with your practice to get a detailed understanding of your clinical workflows. This will then be matched to the various EMR options available in the market. EMRx will provide you a shortlist of 5-10 EMR solutions that best match your clinical / business workflows.

Get Serious

EMRx will then work with you to do a thorough analysis of the shortlisted EMR solutions. EMRx will arrange for demo / learning sessions by the vendors of the shortlisted EMR solutions. After this analysis, you will be confident enough to pick the EMR solution that best matches your line of work.

Tie the Bond

EMRx will then work with the selected vendor to configure and install the software at your location.

Live Happily Ever After

EMRx will provide the adequate training required to get you and your staff up to speed with the selected EMR solution. We will ensure that you are deriving the best efficiency and gain from your EMR investment.

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